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About Us

Here in Dubai, we are a Reliable & Affordable Home Appliances Repair Company.

The company has more than 100 Engineers to provide you quick and professional service.

Why You Need us?

The best thing of the company engineers is that they come out of the repair centre quickly at your 1st call. We try to repair the customer’s appliance on the same day. The same day service has made our company the best company in Dubai.

Whatever the fault of machine, the machine is fixed within a few hours to make our client happy. 

Another good news for you is that we work all 7 days of the week. Whether your machine/oven/refrigerator needs repair in working days or weekends, you never need to worry. 

Affordable Prices

  • We never charge too much for our service. Our charges are very affordable.
  • There are no hidden charges of our company. The prices will be the same that will be told to you.
  • We will never charge more on coming to Friday for your machine repair. The charges will be same as on other days.

Extensive knowledge

Our team of engineers is always dedicated and highly professional to fix all types of faults of your machine.

whether the machine is broken or facing any other type of fault, you should have to only call us and within 1 hr, engineer will be at your door.

As the team is very professional, so we give 06 months money back guarantee.

Always safe

The team is always safe for work. The team always uses safety equipment while repairing all types of electrical machines to save themselves from electric shocks.

The team is well trained and adopt all standard operating procedures.

A quick fix

A quick fix is always a desire of our customers. The teams always keep latest tools and meters with them to check the machines at your home and the most interesting thing is that the team also possesses the parts of the machines with them to save your hours or days.

With us, it is nearly always fixed the first time

Want to know more about what Just Fixed can do for you? Why not get in touch with us today? Ready and waiting to take your call. We are a dedicated and experienced team of engineers, who can take your broken appliance and make it as good as new!


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